The Spin Studio Girl Boss Riding Past the Competition


Meaghan St. Marc says she is the most non-entrepreneur Entrepreneur. But sometimes you can’t fight destiny! This is who she was meant to be! In the last few years she and her business partner have opened not one, not two, but THREE spin studios. Like many of us, she felt like she had to do what she studied in college, but her love of fitness and helping people couldn’t be denied.

Today, Rev’d Indoor Cycling has a big following in the Boston ‘burbs. In fact, when Soul Cycle moved in next door. But this small business did not get scared by the competition. In fact, business has gotten better.

A HUSTLER, newlywed, and soon to be mommy, Meag is definitely a girl boss, which she describes as a woman doing something, pushing the limits, creating and supporting. YASS!


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“My Life is Mine.”

“My Life is Mine.”

Thank you to everyone who listened to the first episode of Boss Bitches! I knew there were so many kick ass women out there with stories to tell! Listeners have sent ideas and interview suggestions so thank you thank you. Keep ’em comin’!

Before we head out for the Thanksgiving holiday, a question for you. Maybe ask your friends and family at the dinner table. (Get ready for a heated debate). Why are women are judge for the things we do? We are either judged never doing enough or doing the most. The truth is, to be a Boss Bitch, you just have to do what you feel is right for you (within the law of course).

This week on the “Bosscast” (trying to make this word a thing, what do you think?) words from inspiring and successful women encouraging others to own who they are and not care what others think, whether you are single and childless at 45 or a young mom trying to have it all.

Tracee Ellis Ross put it best in her speech this week at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit:

“Boldness is seen as threatening and scary and it’s certainly not what the patriarchy had in mind. So join me for a moment and imagine what would it be like for women to completely own our power? To have agency over our own glory, our sexuality and not in order to create a product or to sell it or to feel worthy of love or to use it as a tool for safety… At the same time with all of that volatility there is this surge of empowerment happening, #blacklivesmatter, #blackgirlmagic, The Women’s March, #metoo. I am trying to gather that with all of the energy and around me and match that with the realization that my life is mine.”

Ross’ comments are an anthem for single women, but really, ALL women can be inspired by the message of realizing, “my life is mine.”

This week we’re also talking about periods and baby making with Gina Nebesar, chief of product at fertility app, Ovia. Like Ross, Nebesar is encouraging women to own who they are! Doesn’t get any more boss bitch than that!


gina nebesarA married, working mom of one (almost two!), Nebesar and her colleagues say their app has helped thousands of families conceive. A graduate of Harvard Business School running a successful and growing tech company, she has always been a Boss. But when she first became a boss at work, she struggled finding the balance between being assertive and being herself. Now she says she lets herself, “off the hook a lot. I try not to be perfect or not to expect too much. Some days, you’re going to be this perfect mom or this perfect colleague and some days you’re going to be neither and that’s ok.”

This tech boss’ definition of a Boss Bitch, ” A strong female leader. Somebody who is themselves and confident and helps bring other people up as well.”

It was a fun conversation! Hope you enjoy!

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