The Spin Studio Girl Boss Riding Past the Competition


Meaghan St. Marc says she is the most non-entrepreneur Entrepreneur. But sometimes you can’t fight destiny! This is who she was meant to be! In the last few years she and her business partner have opened not one, not two, but THREE spin studios. Like many of us, she felt like she had to do what she studied in college, but her love of fitness and helping people couldn’t be denied.

Today, Rev’d Indoor Cycling has a big following in the Boston ‘burbs. In fact, when Soul Cycle moved in next door. But this small business did not get scared by the competition. In fact, business has gotten better.

A HUSTLER, newlywed, and soon to be mommy, Meag is definitely a girl boss, which she describes as a woman doing something, pushing the limits, creating and supporting. YASS!


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“The Beyonce of Tech”: Melissa James Dreams it, Works Hard, and Grinds

I see it, I want it

I stunt, yellow bone it

I dream it, I work hard

I grind ’til I own it

I twirl on them haters…

—“Formation,” Beyonce

Beyonce gets noticed, she drops surprise albums and videos…Instagram posts letting the world know she is the most beautiful pregnant woman ever!
Our guest this week, Melissa James gets noticed too. Her goal: Become the Beyonce of Tech.

melissa james

Melissa left a job at Google to start her own company. Today she is CEO of the Tech Connection, a company that connects diverse talent to tech companies.

We’ve mentioned tech’s diversity problem before.
At Google and Facebook, for example, only 1% of employees are Black, while Black people make up nearly 13% of the population.
Only 16% of techies are women and women make up half of the population.

Melissa’s work to increase diversity in tech has earned her a US Presidential Service award from then President Obama, and a young alumni service award from her alma mater, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Melissa was named Boston Innovation Magazine’s 50 on Fire, and also a published author. Her first book, “When are you going to get a Real Career?”is available on itunes.

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Authenticity = Success



(Reporting on tragedy…nine months prego if you can’t tell)

What is stopping you from success? Are you approaching your job or personal life being honest about what you want, or are you doing things that do not feel natural? Are you just going through the motions, doing what you are told? I felt that way for a long time in my career: covering stories that I saw other reporters get excited about, but I knew in my heart fires and car crashes only left me feeling depressed and uninspired. I actually left on-air TV reporting because I knew that chasing ambulances and police cruisers 95% of the time and only telling meaningful, people or policy driven stories 5% of the time was not going to cut it for me.

(Producing from in the office to out in the field)

So, I opted to become a producer at a local news Magazine show. Everyone asks, do you miss being on TV? Well, I haven’t fully left reporting, I do step in front of the camera now and again when needed. But in my primary role as a producer, I am more fulfilled. I have been able to cover and produce high quality television on topics from Transgender Youth, the Student Debt Crisis, Immigration, crazy local laws and even light stories like Caribbean travel and a whole half hour on bread. Producing and now hosting this podcast have helped me to work as my authentic self.

IMG_1479(Business Breakthrough Coach Aliya Kehoe)

Business Breakthrough Coach Aliya Levinson Kehoe is all about helping people find out what is stopping them from getting to where they want to go. She helps her clients find their truth, their authentic self and ultimately achieve success in the areas where they once stumbled. Some great advice for ANYONE.

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“Every Woman needs a little Bitch in her.”

“Every Woman needs a little Bitch in her.”

Whether you’re taking on sexual predators (boy, bye!), running for office, or starting an online career, every woman needs a little bitch in her!

In this first episode of Boss Bitches, host Nneka takes on these issues and interviews a woman who was able to quit her job and start a successful career as a full time blogger. It wasn’t easy, but Sarah Dussault says anyone can do it, just start!

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